About OTARA:We train those who help others

Since its inception in 2003, OTARA has enhanced its mission of providing a network of professionals who are committed to public safety and betterment through the research and reconstruction of motor vehicle crashes.

Most recently, the crashes involving school buses has been a pinnacle point of review for the members of OTARA and increased focus has been placed on our children's safety. Educational courses have been conducted by OTARA members for local school bus drivers on safe operation, crash avoidance, and injury reduction in the event of evasive maneuvers.

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In addition to student passengers, OTARA actively participates in student driving education and impaired driving awareness for teen drivers. Often the experience of OTARA's tenured contributors provides a sobering yet scientific view of traffic crashes which reaches increasingly more students.

OTARA continues to bring world class training and trainers who represent decades of experience on a vast array of topics. Our annual seminar and individual courses represent unique trainings which may otherwise be impractical for agencies and organizations to send personnel or members. Check out our training opportunities here.

Our organizations community outreach is also paired with the furthering of the profession and providing our contributors numerous avenues for career development and resource. The future holds many great things for OTARA and we hope you will consider becoming a contributor or donating to our organization.